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Only very few succesful jumper horses create a lasting impression. Halla and Meteor are unforgettable. Milton has become a legend. Goldfever, another exceptional competitor became a member of this group of immortal stars.

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Goldfever was the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2010. His breeder Sigurd Hochmuth a personal friend of Goose Creek Farms and Winery, provided Goldfever's daughter Goldina, our premier breeding mare.

We believe it is very important as a breeder to have specific breeding goals. Therefore, our goals are to produce quality jumping and dressage prospects.  Our mares are Main Studbook mares and each possess quite different qualities.  Goose Creek Farms and Winery specializes in selection and sales of exceptional Hanoverians.


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At Goose Creek Farms and Winery' s stables you will only find warmblood horses with clean x-rays from famous and top quality blood lines. All our Hanoverians horses are well mannered and illustrate their obvious potential in one or more of the English disciplines; Show jumping, Dressage, Hunting, Equitation or Eventing.
Our focus is on breeding Hanoverian with exceptional traits:

« Attitude
« Soundness
« Breeding
« Conformation
« Talent

A German Warmblood horse that is one of great quality. The history of this German Warmblood horse that, like many German warmbloods is a crossbreed, starts in 1735 at the Celle stud. The main goal of breeding the Hanoverian was to produce an agricultural horse that could be used for many purposes. The local mares were quite heavy so Celle used 14 black Holstein horses to breed a German Warmblood horse that also turned out to be a useful horse for the war. In 1815 thoroughbred horses were mixed in. This made the Hanoverian lighter and more suitable for driving and riding and work around the farm. This German Warmblood horse had more courage and toughness. Though, the Hanoverian breeders were very careful with using thoroughbreds because they did not want the Hanoverian Warmblood horse to become too light.

In 1924 the stud in Cell had 500 stallions. After World War 2 the production of competition horses started. This German Warmblood horse was then mixed with some quality thoroughbreds and Trakehners which has lead to a rideable horse with the courage of a thoroughbred.

Nowadays the studbook of the Hanoverian German Warmblood horse uses a strict system to select the best young horses. Stallions that are not licensed are prohibited by law to stand at stud. A vet check is done at the very beginning followed by an assessment of their jumping skills (by judging freejumping). In the following days a group of young stock will be marked for conformation, correct movement, presence and masculinity. The second day the judges will look at the young German warmbloods another time before they announce the results. If the German warmblood colt has passed this selection it will have to do the 30 days test. Besides this test there is a two day test where the German Warmblood stallions are examined in Movement, Showjumping, Dressage and Cross Country performance. During the 30 days test (this used to be 100 days) the young German warmblood horses undergo a controlled and professional training to make sure that the assessment will be true and fair.
The given marks are equally divided in two parts: one part comes from the 30 days test and the other from the 2 days test. The German Warmbloods will be finally licensed in the two days test. The score of the German Warmblood horse must be over 90 in every discipline to get licensed.The Celle State Stud has the first option to stand the best German Warmblood stallions. A German Warmblood stallion can also be accepted by the Verband Studbook when he proves to be extremely successful in competitions.


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SIR LANZELOT 2011 Bay Colt by Sir Shutterfly
Location: Goose Creek Farms and Winery Breed: Hanoverian
Date Foaled: APR 2011 Gender: Gelding
Height: 16.2 hh Weight:  
Color: Bay Other Color
or Markings:
Small median star on forehead 
Gaited: No  Warmblood: Yes 
1=Very Calm...
10=Very High-Spirited
4 May Trade:
Registered? Yes Reg. Assn: AHS 
Reg. Number: 84003039858111 For Lease: No
For Sale:  Yes Asking Price: $28,000 (US)
Horse Skills,
Notes: Absolutely amazing colt – gorgeous, rare find in the US loaded with that WOW factor. Sired by Sir Shutterfly out of MS Goldina (Goldfever/MS Rubina). With the bloodlines of Sir Shutterfly the famous #1 Jumper Stallion in Europe and Goldfever, top Hanoverian Stallion in 2010 and successful jumper worldwide, this colt will far exceed all expectations. He took first place as a yearling earning a score of 70.65 at MAHB 2012 Futurity – Yearling Colt and scored 71 in his 2013 AHS Futurity Class. He currently stands at 16 hands and will mature to at least 17. He is in professional training under saddle and will excel in any discipline. His conformation and athleticism combined with his eagerness to learn make him an incredible colt. Lanzelot has USEF Lifetime horse recording. He lunges, trailers, stands for the farrier and is an overall delight to handle. He absolutely has it all – conformation, temperament, movement and breeding. He will be your next champion!
Videos on request.